Aug 26, 2006

Diaperstock 2006

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Matthew is teething, which means he has some nasty acid poos that just KILL his poor little bum, leaving it wide open for yeasties. To make sure his diapers were not the culprit I decided to disinfect and strip this afternoon. I washed his covers with my regular routine, then turned up the water heater and stripped with Dawn and added some Grapefruit Seed Extract to kill anything possibly growing inside them. I then rinsed with vinegar and ran a couple hot washes without soap to make sure they were not holding onto any soap.

Well, the inserts are just hemp strips, so you can be brutal on them. I decided to boil them in groups of 6 for 10 minutes to kill any bacteria, yeast, or nasties. As I started draining pulling the inserts off the stove, I noticed the water left behind smelled like pee and was getting a yellow tinge to it. I called up Bobby and asked him "if you boil vegetables and then use the left behind water, that is vegetable stock, right? And when you pull the roast out of the pan and there are juices left over, that is beef stock, right? So, when I pull the diapers out of the water and it smell and looks like piss, that is diaper stock, right??" I swear I could hear him rolling his eyes from 850 miles away. He loves me!

So, diapers are all washed and smelling fresh and in the dryer right now.. hopefully his bum will be better soon as I don't want to risk re-infection he is just going to have to STAY in 'sposies until he gets the all clear from mama.

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.jenna said...

lol!!!! that was amazing.