Aug 19, 2006


I purposefully failed to mention that Austin has been having bully problems. I was too angry to write anything about the situation because I feel as an adult it's wrong of me to trash a 10 year old little boy on the internet. Austin and friends had gone to the park together behind my house when Austin got separated from the group. The Bully lunged at him, throwing him off his bike and punched him in the face 4 times. Austin's eye was swollen, and his glasses and bike got bent up. Austin was very upset and did not want to tell me what happened.

I am feeling better about the situation because I feel like there is/will be some resolution to the situation.

The steps I have taken so far are:

  • We called daddy in Texas and had him talk to Austin about what to do next time, as well as taking to other people in our support system. I reminded him how much we love him and I would never be angry at him for someone damaging his bike.
  • I called the local police department to file a complaint; they could not find the child without an address so that was a dead end.
  • I called the Principal of his school even though it happened before school was in session. He said he would talk to the boys, but he has not because he's been in meetings.
  • I enrolled both boys in TaeKwonDo to teach them confidence and self defense.
  • I spoke with the counselor at school today who is aware that this is an ongoing problem.
  • I informed Austin's teacher that this child was threatening him in school yesterday.

Anyways, I should know more as time passes. It really bothers me Austin is having to go through all this, he is such a sweet little boy with so much on his plate right now, he does not need this.

BTW, Austin asked me again today if I got my court date yet, I wish I had an answer for him. On that same note, we got our first statement from the Attorney, and we have only spent a little under 20% of our retainer, and I expect that the most expensive part is already over.

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