Aug 20, 2006

Baby OCD & School

I have decided Matthew has a touch of baby OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). He CANNOT walk by an open door or cupboard without closing it. This rule even applies in public; this weekend he was going nuts at the optometrist because the exam room doors were OPEN and they NEEDED to be CLOSED!

He also has learned where the trash can is and was picking up garbage off my desk piece by piece and throwing it away. He would open the cupboard under my sink, throw the trash in the garbage can, and then close the cupboard door (no way was he going to walk away with it OPEN), then repeat.


Austin and Christopher are glad to be back in school. Austin LOVES being in a boys only class and really likes his teacher. Christopher is also liking his teacher despite Austin's insistence that she was mean...LOL Apparently 'mean' to Austin means taking away recess from kids who don't do their work.

I also just enrolled in the local community college; I am trying to decide if I want to take Psych 235 - Human Growth and Developement, online. It's the 3rd of 6 prerequisite I need for the RN program, the last three are Anatomy & Physiology 201 & 202, as well as a Microbiology course; classes I will NOT be doing online.

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