Aug 17, 2006


Austin and Chris are back in school. I had to tell them twice to take off their backpacks, they had put them on 20 minutes before it was time to leave; are they excited do you think?!?? With the house empty, I have been bored! I can't believe it!! So far I have washed the slipcovers, hand washed the dishes, cleaned the highchair, hand-washed a load of dishes, fed the baby, bathed the baby, all before I had my breakfast. I also re-uploaded the slideshow videos I made of the boys last year, they had been removed from inactivity; you can see them HERE.

So now what do I do with my day? It's 11am and I have a quiet house to myself. I have to wash diapers today once Matthew wakes up, and I would like to vacuum today and maybe clean out my car. After the boys get home from school it will be a rushed evening as they have Taekwondo tonight. I am also waiting on a phone call from the doctor's office on how they want to evaluate Christopher for some sensory issues he is having.

No need to walk the dog, she's sleeping in the kitchen right now walking herself in her sleep...LOL

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