Jul 27, 2006


My first day back in town, and what am I doing?? going through 4 years of digital pictures, chosing my favorites, organizing by month, and then moving across the network to Bobby's computer. WHY? Because my laptop got broken on the airplane!! My LCD screen is busted (spiderweb cracked) and for some reason my burner will not burn my pictures. I am making a music CD right now to see if it the CD/RW that is busted, or if its just some strange thing with my pictures.... and it failed, so I think my burner is bad too. Great.

So, for the last 6 hours I have been cussing out my computer, Bobby's computer, you name it.

Anyways, my visit with family was nice, but traveling ALONE with three young boys is NOT going to happen again ANY time soon. Next time I fly, it will NOT be with him on my lap. He does the high pitch screeching/squeeling/raptor yell that can make the ears of the entire plane bleed. I thought for sure we would be asked to leave. No comments the last two flights about how well my baby flew like the first four flights.

Bobby will be leaving for Texas on August 6th-September 1st, I am not looking forward to being alone again, but with SO much to do around here, I am sure I will be too busy to notice. I have to

Go school shopping for Austin & Christopher
Stress over the adoption
Undo all the "cleaning" DH did while I was gone, aka re-clean
Get my laptop fixed *See Above Post
Get groceries in the house again
Get much needed new clothes for me
Stress some more over the adoption
Maybe do some painting (my basement, my garage door)
Maybe I will take some time and get a pedicure

Anyways, its 7:30 and my family is all STARVING, and as soon as the children are dressed I am leaving to get dinner and take the computer to the repair shop.

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