Jul 17, 2006

Airplanes hate me (my ultra-long mega update post)

Ok, ok, you are going to have to beat me with a wet noodle for not updating in such a long time, but I have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO busy, and I actually mean that when I say it. Since I want this to be user friendly, I am going to be updating by dates and by specific events.

Austin's Adoption: 1 of my 3 background checks are back and turned into the attorney, still waiting from my checks from the CBI & FBI. The attorney also sent bio mom a paper to sign giving her initial consent, once those are back the attorney will file the papers with the courts and we await the hearing date!

Bobby's new job: He starts a week from today, and he is so excited. He was issued a cell phone and a laptop and given his own office (classroom). I really hope this job meets all his expectations and does not interfere with his college schedule.

My niece’s adoption: It's going to be complicated and ugly. I got to meet her and she is so cute and sweet. A very good baby and fits so well into my sister's family. Please keep her in your prayers that she gets to stay; we would all be devastated if my sister lost her.

The meat & potatoes:

I am in Spokane WA visiting family for three weeks. We have spent every weekend either with my dad's family or my mom's. I also got to get together with a woman from one of my online groups and meet her in real life and let our two little toddlers terrorize each other, and play together.

I left Colorado on July 5th in the late afternoon and had a short little trip from Colorado to SLC Utah without any complications other than normal nausea issues I seem to be having a lot of lately (no, I am not pregnant). Matthew did VERY well, it was his first flight and other than sticking out his lower lip a couple times fell right to sleep and slept in my arms until landing. Plane ride one: Great!

In Utah we rushed from one end of the airport to the next thinking as soon as we got there we would be boarding to find they were running behind. No biggie, they started calling us to board so I got in line and waited and waited and waited. Not fun while holding a 30 lb carry on bag and a wiggly 20 lb toddler while trying to corral a bored 8 and 10 yr old. Finally there was an announcement that there was a mechanical failure with the plane and we may be delayed a few minutes. Finally about an hour and 20 minutes late we were on our way... Our layover was over two hours and we were starving, but did not know when we would be boarding so we did not want to make our way to the food court. Plane ride two: Delayed.

After a full day in Spokane, we packed the 6 (my 3 sons in the back seat, my dad & mom and I in the front) of us up in my dad's truck and drug the camper 6 hours to Montana for a visit with my sister and her family, my dad's parents and my Aunt & Uncle whom I have not seen for at least 3 years.

Then Matthew and I flew to Seattle to meet Terri & Zane (and drove down to Olympia). We had so much fun and I think overall the babies enjoyed each other. Hopefully Matthew's screeching does not rub off on Zane, who is a very laid back boy. Zane's talking & signing has seemed to rub off on Matthew a little bit, who has a bit more to say than just "daddy" the past few days.

Monday, July 10, 2006
A visit to Olympia

So, on the flight TO SeaTac, they lost my main suitcase, the one with our clothes & Matthew's diapers. Plane ride three: Lost luggage.

And on the flight home we had a freakish storm over the airport that closed the airport, and we were told we would circle the airport for up to 40 minutes and possibly return to Seattle. Luckily we were able to land about 15 minutes later after two planes before us landed safely. My mom said it was quite the storm with downpours so fast it flooded the freeway and she hydroplaned a few times on the drive to get us. Plane ride four: Delayed landing.

Bobby said he will NEVER fly with me again....LOL Please send good plane mojo for me on the 26th when I return home and take plane ride #5 & 6.

This weekend my mom, the kids & I went camping in Idaho for the sister reunion. It was supposed to be an annual occurrence, but since the loss of one of their sister's to cancer almost 4 years ago they have not had them. About 40 people turned out total... I saw cousins I had not seen in 5+ years, I met their kids for the fist time (or second). Some of them who I saw as babies were now teenagers, it was neat.

Anywhoo, my hubby REALLY misses me and does not want me to leave him home alone (with the animals) again, he feels lost without me and the pets miss us and keep pestering him for attention. I think this will be the last of my solo vacation days... :)

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omg I would have gone INSANE. what's the deal on your neice? thought it was all cut and dried???