Jun 21, 2006

Matthew is so little

VERY little. At his 15 month well baby he was 20 lbs even and 29 inches long. Well proportioned for his size, but still a small boy. You should see how much this boy EATS though, holy cow! The other morning at breakfast he ate an egg, a piece of bacon, and 1 1/2 Belgium waffles (not those lame-o toaster things, home made), and a cup of orange juice... like his brothers, the kid is HOLLOW!!!!!

He's still not talking much (like his brothers at his age), but he is a climber! He can climb on the kitchen table, climb in his highchair, etc.

I absolutly adore his personality, he is such a cuddler. He will rub my arms and face when I am nursing him, and he comes and leans against you like a dog does when he wants picked up into your lap. He likes to stroke our faces and give slobbery baby kisses. He loves to lay with his daddy in the recliner, and is SO gentle with the animals. Now that we have just one dog, he is so good to her, as she is to him. They pass her bone back and forth, and he slips her snacks when he's eating. I love this age!!!

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