Jun 3, 2006

Denver Museum of Science and Nature

Friday we drove to Denver to go to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. We loved it! We decided to go all out and purchase the deluxe tickets which included a tour of Body World, the museum, the planetarium and IMAX.

WOW! I think I was the only one who loved Body Worlds… the boys (big and little) thought it was kind of gross. Think of your high school anatomy textbooks, meets the Olympics and you have Body Worlds. It had people without skin playing soccer, or ice skating. It also showed the organs in display cases. We got to see healthy lungs vs. lungs of a smoker and of a coal miner. It was a great opening to the non smoking talk. It sure made me happy that Bobby is a non-smoker now. I want my children to grow up and be able to say that they do not know anyone who smokes and it’s a disgusting habit.

After body worlds we went to see the Egyptian exhibit. Chris loved the aerial view of the Egyptian city. Austin loved seeing the excavation process and how they studied the mummies.

Next we went to see the dinosaurs in the Prehistoric Journey exhibit, Austin’s favorite part. It was a HUGE exhibit covering 2 floors with probably 30 different dinosaur skeletons, mammoths, etc. He got to meet a real paleontologist and watch people cleaning and assembling real bones and fossils.

After more than an hour with the dinosaurs, we went to the planetarium to watch a movie on Black Holes. This was Bobby and Christopher’s favorite part. The screen was amazing; it was a dome that engulfed you so the movie was in front, on the sides, and behind you; Matthew was entranced. We then explored the Space Odyssey room… parking shuttles, making planets, craters, and playing with space tornadoes.

Finally we saw an IMAX movie called The Human Body; it was about such topics as how our bodies use and digest food, reproduction, puberty, heating and cooling, etc. Matthew pretty much nursed through the whole movie; he was tired and did not nap until the ride home. We spent nearly 6 hours at the museum and had a blast. It was a wonderful day.

Saturday we got our new sofa and recliners delivered, so we spent most of the day moving furniture, cleaning and organizing the basement, and I shampooed and vacuumed all the rugs. Not exactly a fun day, but productive and that is all that matters.

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