Jun 9, 2006

Cat in the Box

Oh man, I wish I could send a live sound feed of my cat Jacob to you guys. I know Jennifer would sympathize, I don't know who else reads this but I am about to go insane!

So, the story goes that my cat Jacob, rather AUSTIN's cat Jacob, is a destructive little devil. The world is his scratching post and the math equation is

'destructive cat + new furniture = pissed off husband or basement/outdoor kitty'

and Jacob is just too much a part of the family for that. So, he's stuck in a mesh port-a-crate which is probably 2ft wide, 4 feet long, and 3 feet tall. Its for his own good. The first few minutes home from the vet, while his feet were still bandaged, he decided to jump the baby gate that sits atop the basement stairs. Needless to say, the poor kitty took a tumble down the stairs. Thank goodness he's on pain pills, but for his own safety he needs to be confined to where he is not jumping.

So, he is meowing and meowing and I am losing my mind. The boys and I took a trip to Petsmart today to get some treats for poor Jake.. a smaller litter box than what he has, but bigger than the travel box and covered in case his lack of poop was from shyness, some feline pine litter since he cannot use the scoopable for 2 weeks and he does not like the shredded paper. We also got some soft food as a treat with his antibiotics and pain pills, and mice toys to play with while in kitty jail. Austin felt he needed a nice soft bed for in his cell, but he just told me what he thinks of it by urinating in it. As if I did not have enough to do today, I get to do more laundry, YAY! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my front loader HE W&D, but when there are a million things to do before the weekend.... thankfully I have most of it done. I need to vacuum the other three floors of my house and go grocery shopping, but those will have to wait until Matthew wakes up.

So, before I run out of battery power on the laptop, and before the baby wakes up, I will tell the story of Jacob.

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Jacob came to us in November 2003, he was just 4 months old and had been surrendered to the humane society. I had just started a new job downtown as a CNA and Austin had a doctors appointment a few miles away from my employer. We lived at Ft Carson at the time, so I had about a 20 minute commute to and from work. I had taken the afternoon off to go pick up Austin from school, take him to the doctor then back to my work so I could pick up some paperwork. Austin was feeling pretty bummed out about his daddy being in Iraq, so I decided to take him to the Humane Society so we could love up the animals like we did all the time when daddy was in S. Korea. When we got there we found that the cats & dogs were all in cages behind Plexiglas so there was no way to pet the animals. So I told Austin to pick out two cats that he wanted to take into the meeting area so we could pet them. He chose a cute little 6 week old tabby, and a young orange and white cat. Well, the kitten was on hold for another couple, so we met with the orange kitty, named Orange.

When we took Orange into the greeting area he immediately climbed on Austin and starting purring and nibbling in his ear. Austin looked up at him and said "OH PLEASE MOMMY! I love this kitty, he is so sweet and cute and I will take good care of him!" I told him no, that we already had a dog and a cat and two chinchillas, and daddy would kill us if we brought home another pet. Austin looked up at me with his big blue puppy dog eyes and said "Please mom!?" at this time Orange had crawled into my lap...and I gave in. Austin decided that he liked the name Jacob better, so Jacob he was.

A few days later we had all fallen asleep in my bed watching a movie when Daddy called from Iraq. Austin was awoken by the phone and groggily said "don't forget to tell daddy we got a new kitten, and he can kill me later for it" and promptly fell back asleep. Other than being destructive, Jacob has been the best cat. He loves to play with the older boys in their room, he sleeps at the foot of the bed and gets up in the night to perform 'rounds' and check on each person. He likes to lick the babies hair when I an nursing the baby, and rubs all over the dog.

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