Jun 7, 2006

Austin the Great!

I am so proud! Austin has finished his summer reading program, and then finished the bonus game! He has only had the games in his possession for 10 day (9 if you subtract the day we were in Denver… previous post) and he read 32 hours worth! Austin has come so far in his short little life. In preschool he could not recite or recognize his alphabet, so we worked on that. In kindergarten he had problems telling you what sounds each one made, so we worked on that. In first grade he had problems with site words, so we worked on that. In second grade, it was reading, so we worked on that. Last year it was spelling, so we worked on that. This year it was bringing it all together. He has busted his ass in school, and I am so proud! I really feel the change happened almost 2 years ago. He was so angry over his past. However, when he was able to let it all go, he blossomed like a beautiful flower. If you met him now, you would never believe it, because I cannot imagine a better child. He is helpful, caring, courteous, loving, sweet, and kind. He has let go of his past and realized that his past does not define him. He has realized that just because one person does not love him the way he wants to be loved; that does not make him unlovable. When he acknowledged all that, he realized how special he is, and that he is worth working for. Just yesterday we were riding in the car and he was talking about remembering the day he came home and that he remembers that Christopher and I were making him chocolate chip cookies. I could not imagine he still had memories that far back, so I pressed him, and he remembers a lot more than I wish… nothing good either. He asked me again why I could not adopt him, and it broke my heart. Why can’t people let go of the past and just move on for the greater good? Children are not like diamond necklaces that you put on only for a special occasion when you want people to think you live a charmed life.

Sorry for going off on a tangent like that… It’s so hard standing back and watching a train wreck sometime, especially when an innocent child is involved.

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