May 19, 2006

Strogberry, Spacecat, and biker boy.

This is the artwork Austin made as his last art project of the year. I asked him to make up a story about the origin of his work.

"This is a strogberry, and it comes from the bottom of the ocean. It eats poisonous fish. It came out of the water and someone was able to capture it by hitting in the jaw with a hammer and leaving a dent in it. I was able to buy it for $3 and a piece of gold. I gave it a Smartee and its still trying to figure out how to eat it. I gave it a baseball cap and he figured out how to put it on by himself. I trained him to be a good frog, so now he does not need a cage. He is still trying to escape the house to go back to the bottom of the ocean where he lived. Sometimes he gets so mad he beats me senseless. I don't know why, but his eyes grow bigger when he's mad, and when he's happy his eyes get so small they are invisible. His name is Dakota".

By Austin - Age 10


Here is the cat Christopher made me for Mother's Day. Here is his story:

"Here is a cat from outer space. Do you see the yellow spot? It's from the sun. He was playing on the moon until astronauts captured him with a net. The astronauts gave him to me because I was looking for a cat for Mother's Day. It came without a body. It floats because it was from space. He was protecting Earth from meteors. He put the the meteor shield on so we won't have meteors. His name is Mason. He likes to surf at the beach. He's a lazy cat, but sometimes he makes really big messes. But Austin's frog cleans it up. From now on he's going to be our decoration and we trained him not to make any more messes".

By Christopher - Age 8 1/2


Matthew was given a ride on bike today by my friend Julia, her daughter is now 4 and does not need it. He really likes sitting on it, but can only make it move backwards.

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