May 30, 2006

Life Lesson: Patience

I think my life lesson is patience. It seems like everywhere I go, or everything I do tests said patience. For starters, I have three sons and a husband who is sometimes as difficult as all three... THAT is a test, and I feel I am doing quite well passing that test. I would give myself a B+ or even an A- in that area. TIME is the lesson I am failing at. My weakness is to just sit back and stay busy while time passes.

A watched pot never boils.

Boy, don't I know that one! I am such a planner that the unknown just drives me crazy!

So, no news about the interview yet.

Now news about unnamed MIA person.

No news from the realtor yet.

BUT, I may have found someone to take my chinchillas.

Hurry up and wait!

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