May 30, 2006

He' Baaaaaa-aaaaack!

Jr. weatherman is back. He took a long break, about 1 year to focus more on geography, reading the encyclopedia, collecting almanacs, normal Christopher-isms, but weather has not ruled the home in a while.

At his peak, he would turn the TV from cartoons to The Weather Channel. The above picture is Halloween, 2004; Christopher's 7th birthday, Chris is dressed as... a weatherman! The school library had run out of weather books that he had not read, and for Christmas he wanted a thermometer/barometer. We did have to record Storm Stories for him on TLC a couple months back, but I have to admit, I thought they were cool too.

....But, tonight at 9:30 Chris comes running downstairs claiming we MUST change the TV to TWC, or if he can watch my TV because he HAS to watch his most favorite show ever, Storm Stories. So, next to me sits a zombie child, who is glued to the TV watching about a Tornado... gasping once in a while when they say things like "super cell" and inserting little facts about tornados here and there.

"Whoa!! That is an F6!!!"

Welcome back Jr. Weatherman... we missed you!

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