Apr 19, 2006


I have so much in my life to be happy about. I have three beautiful children whom I love with all my being. I have a home, I have food and clothing, and I have love. I learned today its not GAINING things in life that make you grateful, but its losing.

Today I lost a friend, but that loss made me realize who my true friends are. In the end, I have lost nothing.

I have Kelly, my best friend of 26 years. We spent every day together until we were 5 and then weekends until we were in High school. We still talk today even though we live thousands of miles apart. I know if I asked she would be by my side in a heartbeat.

I have Angie, who has been my partner in crime for 14 years. She is crazy, but that is what I love about her. We have been through everything together she is truly like another sister to me. She would kick anyone's ass for me if I asked them to, even if she is barely more than 100 lbs!

I have Jennifer, my soul cyster (not a typo), who I have known for 6 years who taught me so much about patience, loss, grief, and the importance of having a shoulder to cry on. She is the type of person who would drive 30 minutes across town to help you scrub barf off your couch when your kids are sick and you have not slept for days.

Most of all, I have my husband Bobby, who I gave my heart to almost 10 years ago. We have grown up together, and grown closer as a couple. We have gone through so much together; it truly has been "for better or for worse", though the good times have always been more plentiful and memorable. Bobby, you have taught me strength, courage, and true love. You have been there for me when you are in the same room, and when you were not even in the same country. You are my kindred spirit. You made me realize there IS love at first site, that love conquers all, and all those other analogies I used to find so cliché. Thank you for being there for me and making me laugh.

I also have my online friends, women who I have never met in person, but who are there for me when I am feeling blue. Ones who will make me smile when I feel like yelling, who will make me laugh when I feel like crying, and who will allow me to share in their lives and let me cry with them. You know who you all are, thank you for being there for me.

And of course, I have my family, my children who forgive me when I make a mistake, who will offer me their chocolate Easter bunny when I say I want chocolate.

My Austin, who called me mommy when he was 4 and melted my heart. Who called me "My real Mommy" when his teacher asked him if he was talking about me or his biological mom.

My Christopher, who taught me that Bobby was right when he said "when you hold the baby for the first time, you will love him more than me". You can melt my heart with a single look and make me laugh with your antics.

My Matthew, my miracle baby. You showed me that dreams can come true, and to never lose hope. You can reduce me to tears of joy with a smile. I love watching the wonder of the world though your eyes.

My parents who have given me everything I have ever needed from love to the important lessons in life. For my sisters who treated me like a daughter when I was younger and a friend when I was older.

And to everyone else who has touched me life.... thank you... I am grateful!

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