Mar 26, 2006

Waiting for daddy

Austin has started a new game where he hides from daddy and waits for him to get home, where he can jump out and surprise him.

Two backround facts....

Bobby is working a job where he gets home between 9:45-10:15pm.

Austin has been my morning child who can easily get up at 6am, but cannot seem to be able to stay up past 9pm.

Tonight was one of those nights....

I was on the phone talking with my mom, looking for Austin so he could talk to her too. I called his name, no answer, I looked in his bed, no Austin. I started to panic... and Christopher told me he found him. I guess hiding from daddy made him sleepy. This is the second time this week he has hidden and fallen asleep. Last time was behind the entertainment center. Silly boy!!

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Anelida Moreno said...

omg LOL