Mar 20, 2006

Mom is an idiot

Apparently I have no clue when I made the no kicking and hitting rule in the house. I know boys will be boys, but come on now! Am I raising boys or Neanderthals? So then unnamed children were wrestling after I cornered them both for the exact thing earlier and needless to say glasses were broken and I neither have the funds nor insurance to replace them. I am so frustrated I could cry! Husband is working again, and today was a snow day, so the children and I have been cooped up in this house for 48 hours. Both children are restricted from electronics, both for poor judgment at school. I am out of ideas with these two; they are so sneaky and defiant at times. I need to hot bath and a good book!

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Nicki said...

Ugh - such is the life of moms with boys, huh? I'm sorry. That totally sucks.