Mar 10, 2006

Matthew is ONE!

I have been trying to write this all day, but I keep getting choked up. Matthew is likely my last child and I am savoring every moment of every day with my BABY, and try as I might, he just keeps getting older and older and it's so sad to think I will never have this moment back again. I love seeing the little toddler he is becoming. I love watching him find joy in the little things in life... the laughter when he realizes the ball goes into the round hole, and the cube in the square hole. I love his sense of adventure as he learns that with a little effort, he can climb this toy to that toy, and stand up tall and climb on top of the toy box. I love seeing him light up when I enter his room in the morning to bring him into my room to nurse him. I love how he growls "mama" when he wants a bit of something I have. Before I know it, he will be getting second place in the science fair and getting notes sent home from the teacher for being so precocious. It all goes by too fast.

Matthew is my firecracker! Not a difficult baby, but definitely a spirited child. He knows what he wants, and he will tell you in his own way. If you do not give into his demands he will melt into a full blown fit of hitting and screaming, and head butting. His fits came earlier than Christopher's ever did, but so far, Christopher still hold the Emmy for "Best Dramatic Performance in a Tantrum" and its likely an award Matthew will not be able to take.

So, I guess all you can do is hold your children close, hold them and love them... no matter how old they are, and cherish every single moment. Life is precious, life is short, and children grow up way too fast!

I am going to go have a nice therapeutic cry now, and hold my three sons close, tomorrow they will be a day older.


Terri said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww...snif snif. That was so sweet. What a little cutie Matthew was and is! Sorry everyone has been sick. Here too. Bllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Nicki said...

awww, he's so beautiful! Congrats - happy (belated) Birth Day to you, mama :-)

Jules said...

Happy Birthday Matthew! The pictures are just adorable :)