Jan 13, 2006

A little of everything

Austin has shingles!! The poor boy is miserable and I do not blame him one bit. I hate seeing my little boy miserable, and that is just how he feels. He is taking medicine for it, as well as taking Motrin and using topical itch and pain relievers. Not that they are offering much, I think he feels better knowing he is doing something about it. Today is day six, if we are lucky the medicine will work and he should fight off the virus soon. We have also been busy trying to think of projects Austin would like to do for his Science Fair in February, he has a dozen ideas, we just need to narrow it down to one and get him started.

Also, Christopher is having a sleepover. A little boy he has been friends with for two grades called him, and without asking me he invited him over to stay the night. His dad was real nice and made sure it was OK with me first. The little boy is just a sweetheart and very well behaved so I have no regrets… ask me again in the morning though, it IS only 9pm.

Nothing new in the world with Matthew; at least nothing unmentioned previously. Not sure if I mentioned that he has five teeth now, number 5 popped out the other morning. He had just the two bottom teeth for almost 5 months, then it seemed like within a month he had three more.

We finished painting the living room. I am in awe how much two gallons of paint can improve a room, I feel like we have a classy sitting room, and not just a storage area for extra furniture. Let’s just hope that if we do have to sell this house, that they buyers feel the same way!

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