Jan 10, 2006

10 months old; Part Deux

http://www.dropshots.com/day.php?userid=21610&currentDate=20060109 Matthew is growing up to such a neat little boy.... he is really getting his personality. He tried standing by himself today; he did it for a couple seconds before he realized he was not holding onto anything and then sat down. Let’s see, new 'tricks' he has learned:


Claps hands together and says 'yeah'

Dances and rocks to music both while sitting and standing

Puts blocks/boys into toys and pulls them out

Uses buttons on his toys, twists/pushes/slides

Pulls pull-toys

Getting braver with his cruising

Climbs the entire flight of stairs without stopping

Signs 'milk' when he is hungry

Makes preferences in food, and toys apparent

Helps in dressing self. Pushes arms and legs into clothes, holds up feet one at a time for socks

Shows preference in being naked. Prefers cloth diapers to disposables

Drops toys purposely and then looks for them (out of the crib/bathtub/playpen)


Understands 'no'

Comes when you call him by name

Understands the concept of sharing and tries to share (or trade) toys or food

Starting to understand 'be gentle' when petting the dog or cat

Understands who 'mama' 'dada' are


Says 'mama'

Says 'dada'

Says 'Mmmmm' when hungry

Says 'yay' when he accomplishes something

Cuteness milestones

Blows raspberries on other people's skin

Sticks his lower lip out

Plays 'peek-a-boo' with a blanket

Does long division (just seeing if you are paying attention)

Chases us/animals

Gives hugs and kisses purposely

Crawls to the bathroom at lightning speed when he hears water running

Has a preference for toys that are yellow

Makes 'kissing/smacking' sound with lips

Starts banging his hand on the table and kicking his legs if you are taking too long giving him food

It's amazing how a little person can complete a family. Austin and Christopher adore their little brother, even with him getting into their papers and toys. Austin has infinate patience with Matthew and is always talking about how much he loves his little brother. All my years of infertility feel worth it now... I would walk through through fire for my boys.

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